Roger Lewis is dedicated to running all our operations in a way that’s as environmentally friendly as possible. This stems not only from our company ethos – to work in a way that is sustainably, ethical, and actively promotes growth – but also because we rely on the natural world so much, and appreciate the importance of preserving it.

All of our designs are inspired by places of tranquility, and everything we produce is made to instill an emotional response. A large part of our focus on sustainability is driven by emotional connection between the person, the place, and the piece.

(Photo: Campeche, Brazil – the inspiration behind our Campeche range)



When you draw inspiration from the world around you, it’s your responsibility to protect it, and limit your impact upon it wherever possible” – Marc Richard, Managing Director



Working towards becoming carbon neutral is a journey that requires constant reassessment to ensure we’re doing everything we can to minimise our carbon footprint. Part of this is the constant assessment of or suppliers, and how environmentally-sound their products are, not hesitating to change suppliers if they do not meet our standards.

As things stand:

    • Our composite hardwood frames are made with Birch hardwood, which is 70% FSC compliant
    • Our foam suppliers uses a natural foaming technology process using C02 as a blowing agent instead of ozone-depleting or cancer-causing chemicals. To save energy in transportation, squeeze trailers/bun compressors are used to triple amount of foam shipped in a single container
    • We use 100% PET fibre, which is derived from recycled plastic bottles
    • We offer collections which include 100%  natural vegetable dyes, linens, and cottons to suit our clients’ requirements
    • Sourcing externally produced materials as locally as possible, relying mainly on UK suppliers



All Roger Lewis products have a high recyclability content. We are continually innovating and collaborating with other organisations to develop the infrastructure and technologies required to get to a point where all the materials that we use are recyclable.

We package all our products in cardboard and protective plastic. This plastic can be easily reused, or recycled at any polyethylene recycling point.




Each product is designed with sustainability in mind, with special thought into how we can create quality products, while leaving the smallest print on the world possible.

From large scale projects like changing our entire development process to creating pieces that can be regenerated and reused multiple times, to smaller design features that make our furniture easier to revamp and recycle.

All our products are scored on sustainability, a breakdown of which is available on the spec sheet for each range, and products like our Atitlán sofa, are available with removable covers



Net Carbon Neutral

Our goal is to become net carbon neutral by 2030. However, we’re taking significant steps to develop the way we operate, which will ensure we not only meet, but exceed these goals, well ahead of schedule.

We’re currently working with ReLondon – a government initiative, led by the Mayor of London – to build towards a circular model, which will enable us to create and source more cradle to cradle pieces, significantly reducing waste and carbon footprint.

Production Energy & Waste

  • No gas on site
  • Electricity from sustainable sources
  • 2022 programme to install solar panels and biomass heating systems
  • Segmented waste sent for recycling =10% to landfill (0% to landfill by 2025)
  • Fabric offcuts are donated to a local charity for reuse
  • Samples and end of line products sent to local partner charity to ensure zero wastage
  • Electric forklift and increased pallet storage
  • Diesel truck decommissioned. Clients will shortly have a sustainable delivery option
  • Long life, low wattage, high efficiency lighting throughout the facility with movement sensors in low traffic areas


  • Cycle to work scheme available
  • Electric scooters available for short trips
  • Workwear clothing sustainably made (organic cotton & recycled polyester)
  • Incentivised car sharing and public transport use
  • Milk deliveries from Tytherington Farm. No plastic, local cows, zero waste.
  • We are investing in our people to ensure we have a growing culture of emotional fulfilment and commitment:
  • Line managers and regular 1-1s for all
  • Investment in facilities and tools
  • Cross skilling & formalised training for all staff
  • Growth opportunities to enhance personal & professional skills
  • Apprenticeship programme. Currently 15% of staff are apprentices which we plan to increase significantly.

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