Style Edit: Hospitality Design Trends for 2021

Style Edit: Hospitality Design Trends for 2021

As the Hospitality industry begins to reopen its doors to the public, designers within the industry must take note of how customer needs and wants have changed over the last year. Design trends for 2021 are about taking complex psychological shifts within the consumer, and turning them into something that’s contemporary, aesthetic, and creates a meaningful experience.

Flexible spaces

The pandemic caused a significant shake up in traditional office life, to a ‘work from anywhere’ culture. Where many hotels and restaurants typically facilitated workspaces, it is now a critical design element.

Establishments that can offer guests somewhere flexible, comfortable, and beautiful, which also has the functionality for them to work, participate in zoom calls, and collaborate effectively, are set to do really well in 2021. 



People are reconnecting with health and nature. Focusing on creating spaces with lots of natural light, and lots of space from other guests will immediately set customers at ease. A lot of people have developed an aversion to being in claustrophobic spaces with lots of other people, and so a sense of light and air will emanate calm and a pleasant customer experience.

There is also a growing trend of ‘plant maximalism’, which is basically building an aesthetic around simple decor, with lots of live plants.

Building this into an aesthetic

Less clutter and clean lines are the two big trends of the post-pandemic world. Creating flexible, minimalist havens that you can use for work or leisure, and instil a feeling of tranquility.

Palette trends are focused around earthy and natural tones. Neutral and warm base tones, with statement pieces in cool greens and blues.

Sintra armchair with wire base in Kvradrat Hallingdale


Furniture will be all about shape and line. Beautiful pieces that are also functional and comfortable. Pieces like the Roger Lewis Sintra chair being the perfect example.

Designed for offices, hotel bedrooms, and dining, the sintra chair embodies the concept of flexible pieces that are comfortable and beautiful. The clean, simple lines are effortlessly elegant, and the chair sits perfectly in beautiful hospitality spaces, like the Polurrian Hotel, in Cornwall.

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