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Brand Ambassadors

Propelling the legacy of British design and artisanship, while creating opportunities for the next generation of designers and makers, is a shared value of both Roger Lewis and The Conran Shop.

This strategy has already paid dividends resulting in prestigious design awards. For The Conran Shop, this includes four Design Guild Mark Awards in 2023 alone. The coming years will see greater investment in new in-house designs collaborating with these designers, where their experience in design for commercial use globally with ours and other respected brands, will be exciting to see.

We look forward to telling their personal stories and professional journeys behind the designs these designers have created, as well as working closely with them to promote them as brand ambassadors.


Craftsmanship & Makers

As the production team at CE International know, the makers are often the unsung heroes. Without craft blended with world class production processes, it would be impossible to achieve beautiful, solid, timeless pieces at commercial prices.

Our production facilities in Somerset, England provide the anchor point of our supply chain.

Partner factories are located all over the world, predominantly in the UK and Europe who have been selected to work with on the development and production of each piece, according to their skills sets.

Project Management Partners

We are delighted to announce that our workplace dealer partners are Echelon, Hunters, Inside Source, The Furniture Practice and Tsunami Axis.

These dealers are considered best in class in their field of expertise and having worked with them for many years, we would gladly recommend their services to manage your workplace projects.

For hospitality projects, please contact our team so that we can understand your requirements so that we can work closely with your project managers and procurement professionals.

If you would like us to discuss the best partners for you to work with, please email us at enquiry@ce.international .