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Modular & Modifiable

The Future Of Roger Lewis



At Roger Lewis, we’re not just moving towards adaprtable design; we are working to redefine it. Some of the development programmes in place to launch 2024 & 2025 will be testament to that. Join us in cretaing spaces that resonate with functionality, flexibility and your unique vision.


Modular & Modifiable is the focus for any new Roger Lewis furniture designs. Modular allows our clients to utilise our ranges in huge variety of size and styles of spaces. Modifiable allows our clients to take the core designs and iterate and evolve them to suit their exacting requirements. As with our Kenmare range there are plenty of core options. However our bespoke capabilities mean that anything is possible and if a core design need to be tweaked, we work with our clients to give them what they need.

    • Embracing Versatility – The current evolution at Roger Lewis is centered around our embrace of modular and modifiable ranges, a leap towards more versatile and practical design solutions.
    • Modular – Our modular ranges, such as the Tianzi, Atitlan and Inca, allow each module to be a considered building block, offering infinite possibilities for configuration. With this approach, every space becomes a canvas, eagerly awaiting transformation.
    • Modifiable – Our modifiable ranges, such as the Kenmare, allow a lead selection of options to create a design that is suited to your needs If these lead selections are limiting, our bespoke capabilities will allow you to create something new from a successful design base.
    • Versatility for Commercial Clients – Our commitment to flexibility empowers commercial clients, enabling them to curate dynamic environments that perfectly align with their unique needs.
    • Seamless Transition to Bespoke Capabilities – For both Modular and Modifiable ranges, they are often the starting point for clients to transition to our bespoke capabilities, ensuring a tailored fit for diverse commercial requirements. From dimensions to finishes, we bring your vision to life.


    We are thrilled to unveil an expansive upgrade to our existing modular ranges – Tianzi, Inca, and Atitlan. Renowned for their design and versatility, these ranges have historically offered a select few modular options.

    We now proudly present an extended selection of 20 variants for each range, now featuring optional attributes that elevate the functionality and adaptability of these pieces across residential, hospitality, and workplace projects.

    Whether you’re envisioning a cosy lounge area, an inviting workplace setting, or an elegant residential space, these curves provide endless possibilities for customization


    Explore the enhanced Tianzi, Inca, and Atitlan modular ranges, where each piece is not just a seat but a canvas for personalization. Elevate your spaces with the beauty of form, the freedom of customization, and the practicality of optional attributes.


    For support in specifying the modular ranges, we have built tools to help with an easy process. Please contact our team.


    For all of these modifiable options, they can be visualised with our rendering tool on the products pages. For further support please contact our team.

    Where these many options do not give you what you need, please talk to us. The ability to create anything is possible: from a bespoke size or leg, to an upholstery detailing or in sourcing a suitable fabric. The transition to our bespoke service becomes seamless at this point.


    The key highlights of all three of these extended ranges includes:


    • Internal and external curve options – This feature allows designers and architects to create dynamic and fluid seating arrangements, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.
    • Seat-only options, timber planters, and curved corners – The seat-only modules are perfect for creating minimalist and contemporary arrangements, while the addition of timber planters introduces a natural and organic element, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces.
    • Electrical power, USB charging units and magnetic ganging options – In an era where connectivity and flexibility is paramount, these add-on features enables designers to create cohesive and fluid seating configurations, ideal for collaborative workspaces or dynamic hospitality environments.
    • Integrated tables – In response to the growing trend of flexible workspaces, all three ranges now offer ‘pull-in’ laptop tables and ‘straddle’ coffee tables as an optional attribute. This addition provides users with a dedicated surface for work or leisure activities, transforming the seating modules into versatile workstations.

    The Kenmare range is our best-selling sofa range. Designed with a simple contemporary aesthetic body and a focus on good comfort, it has been used in many Build- To-Rent schemes as well as in hospitality and commercial workplace environments.


    Part of the success of this range is down to its modifiable nature. The design can be changed quickly and easily in any of the following ways:


    • Cushion pack arrangements – As you will see on our range page, the Kenmare has five ‘designs’ driven by the layout the cushion style and upholstery detailing.
    • Leg design – We offer two standard legs across three colours which allows the neutral sofa design to be used in a series of interior design aesthetics.
    • Width dimensions – We offer five width sizes from armchair through to grand sofa. A single seat through to one that seats four.
    • Cushion firmness – We offer two seat cushion densities as standard. A soft option is more suited to domestic use and a firmer one for commercial use.
    • Fabric selection – The Kenmare, as with all of our Roger Lewis products, is made to order in Somerset. We can make them in a vast array of fabrics that we have banded for clients to specify,