London Design Festival 2019 – Top spots

London Design Festival 2019

Top spots

After another whirlwind week in the capital for the London Design Festival, we’ve sifted through our photos and deciphered our notes to highlight our top trends.

From bold primary colours – very Bauhaus – to softer aesthetics in the form of pastel palettes and curved detailing, statement lighting and, of course, geometrics, our design-y senses were constantly tingling.

Here we share some of our favourite exhibits from 100% Design, London Design Fair and designjunction, which we feel capture the upcoming commercial design trends perfectly…


Floor Story

With arguably a more impressive roster of collaborators than any other brand at LDF, Floor Story exhibited a range of statement rug designs that ranged from maximalist, colourful works of art (John Booth x Floor Story) to bang-on-trend geometric designs (Camille Walala x Floor Story) to subtle, pastel pieces with scalloped detailing (2LG x Floor Story).

Creating quite the buzz amongst visitors, the brand presented something that imagined the current trends in a refreshing and contemporary way. We’re looking forward to seeing what comes next from Floor Story – we’re sure, whatever it is, it certainly won’t be boring.


Kirkby Designs

In a feat of sheer brilliance, Kirkby Designs took over an entire tube train for its outdoor installation at 100% Design. Visible from the road, the exhibit was literally unmissable, and a retro ticket booth made entry impossible to turn down.

After being issued a ticket-to-ride, ‘commuters’ were invited to board the carriage upon which they would discover a delightful interior. The entire inside had been redesigned in a Wes Anderson-esque pastel palette, which complemented the seating, reupholstered in Kirkby Designs’ latest velvet collection of fabric. This was the true Instagram icon of the show.





From all things bold and beautiful to more subtle design, Awol championed ‘wellness at work’ with its cocooned pod. Embodying the principles of our Personal Sanctuary trend report, the tent-like structure allows individuals to get some quiet time away from the main hustle and bustle of the office.

Although it’s not somewhere you’d spend an entire working day, it provides a space for contemplation in an otherwise chaotic environment.


Martino Gamper

Presenting both the most fun and obscure installation of the festival, Disco Carbonara by Martino Gamper mirrored the concept of ‘hype’ in our modern day, fast-paced society.

The gigantic structure with its red carpet, queues and stoney faced bouncer alluded to something of an event inside, but after being given the obligatory hand stamp and being allowed through the front door, ‘guests’ were greeted with, well, not a lot. Some lights and disco music filled a space no bigger than a toilet cubicle.

It was inspired by a ‘Potemkin village’ – a term that comes from the stories of a fake portable village built to impress Empress Catherine II by her lover Grigory Potemkin during her journey to Crimea in 1787. And for this reason, the pop up facade seems to perfectly sum up much of the ‘social media’ era, ala Fire Festival, that we know today.



Based on a giant, three-dimensional spiralling labyrinth formation, Life Labyrinth led with pattern to take visitors on a personal meditative walking experience proven to have both psychological and physical health benefits. With striped monochrome surface design by Tarkett complemented with lush live foliage, and the backdrop of Westminster Cathedral, it was difficult not to relax in such a soothing environment. A personal sanctuary in the heart of London.

To see more of our highlights from LDF 2019, stay tuned to our Instagram account, where we’ll be sharing more trend spots over the next couple of weeks.


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