Home comfort: ‘Sitting comfortably’ while out of the office

Home comfort: ‘Sitting comfortably’ while out of the office

The majority of the UK’s office population is pitching up to their kitchen tables between 9am
and 5pm as ‘out of office’ becomes part of the new normal. Although offering advantages for
some employees – no commute, no lunch outgoings, plenty of ‘focus-time’ etc – there are
also many issues with spending a long time in an environment that’s not fit for purpose. So,
what should your clients be looking for?


Under normal circumstances, you would advise your clients on the most ergonomically-sound furniture to promote positive health and wellbeing. And just because they’re now based somewhere else, this should still remain a priority.

While bar stools are great for short bursts of socialising, they’re not the ideal solution for a full day’s work. When selecting an office chair, the same principles of course apply for the home office as they would a shared workspace. It all comes down to three components: the back, base and arm rests. The back of the chair should offer lumbar support, the base should be sturdy but flexible to allow for gentle movement and the arms should be set at a comfortable resting height.


There’s no denying that working from home does come with an in-built comfort, purely because when at home your clients are surrounded by their own things. And when it comes to their office chair, as we’ve said many times before, being comfortable is absolutely key.

This can be ensured through ergonomics, and also added design detail such as fabric. By opting for an opulent velvet or perhaps a sumptuous suede, the office experience can be enhanced to suit more homely surroundings. Paired with a firm but snug foam seat, employers can feel completely comforted in the fact their employees have the physical support they need from their office furniture.