Heimtextil 2020: Where I Belong

Heimtextil 2020: Where I Belong

In commercial interiors, the ‘personalisation’ trend has been building for some time.

From adjustable furniture solutions to customisable fabric choices, everyone wants to do their own thing. And who can blame them? Every other aspect of our lives is tailored to our needs, so why should the environments we frequent be any different?

With this in mind, Heimtextil’s theme for 2020 seemed appropriately apt. Where I Belong comprised a series of key design trends unveiled to visitors during the Frankfurt show. “Making room for the multifaceted self”, the five ‘looks’ represent the many sides of design, offering aesthetics to suit all manner of tastes and settings.


Maximum Glam

From faux fur to fringe, and jacquard weave to stand-out print, with Maximum Glam, more is most definitely more. A riotous, rebellious cacophony of colour, deep texture and bold finish, the unbridled decadence of the roaring 1920s is reimagined for a contemporary audience.

Puff and Stuff by Christopher Schanck, Photo by Michelle and Chris Gerard, Image courtesy of Friedman Benda


Urban Active

Utilitarian, adaptable solutions inspire the Urban Active theme. With performance valued above all else, functionality is king. Influenced by fashion’s sport lux trend, hybrid fabrics in blues, greys and yellows form the palette’s foundations, with the optional addition of graphic texture injecting a point of difference.

Envisions, Wood in progress DDW18, Photography by Ronald Smits


Pure Spiritual

Existing between realism and mysticism, the Pure Spiritual trend represents the pursuit of a “personal haven”. Readdressing our bond with nature through the use of organic matter, raw materials and pure textiles, the earth’s organic structures and irregularities are replicated and celebrated.

Raw Color – Pure Spiritual for Heimtextil


Rooted in community, cultural heritage and private identity, Multi-local champions inclusivity over appropriation and promotes traditional craftsmanship, creative integrity and diverse views. Decorative tribal and folkloric patterns featuring geometric and abstract shape underpins the theme.


Heritage Lux

Looking backwards to inform our future is the core narrative of the Heritage Lux trend. A striking palette of blood red, sapphire and mother-of-pearl pairs with surface enhancement to produce dramatic outcomes. Luxury and splendor lay at the theme’s heart.

Will you be using any of these trends in your next project? Head to Instagram and let us know.

Bart Hess – Heritage Lux, Bart Hess for Heimtextil
All images courtesy of Messe Frankfurt GmbH


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